Teavana Joy Tea


So, this has been a crazy week for me so far! I have officially finished all of my classes for my undergrad- how insane is that? It honestly doesn’t even feel real that I only have a few more (long) essays to go and then I’m DONE. Yay!! But because of this crazy last week, that has meant that I have not been able to post this week until now but I am going to try and get better and hopefully post a book review on Wednesday or Thursday.

This week I just wanted to do a quick little post on one of my favourite teas that I discovered a few years ago. I got this tea for Christmas one year and I absolutely loved it but, at the time,  it was only seasonal until recently I found it again in a Starbucks shop! The level of excitement I felt when I rediscovered this tea was embarrassing to say the least but I would really recommend this tea for anyone. I find it to be a light tea that has a slight floral taste which I personally love. One thing I will say to people when they are making it is that you need to be careful when pouring in milk and sugar if you’re using them; because this is such a delicate tea, I find that it can be overwhelmed easily. Overall though this is a huge favourite for me and look at the packaging! How nice is that?

And I guess because my mug is in the picture, I should make come comments about it as well because it is also a favourite for me. This is a mug I found at Chapters one day that says, “all you need is tea & warm socks” which I loved because I found it to be completely true to me. Haha. I really do enjoy my books, tea and big warm socks! Anyways, I feel bad that I haven’t posted at all this week but next week will be better!


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