Teavana Tea Test


Happy Sunday everyone! So I’ve decided to do a tea post because I am super excited to share my new discovery! For a bit of background, I have been on the hunt for years for some herbal/green teas that I like. This is because I am a huge tea drinker… if I’m drinking black teas. I’ve always been open to trying new teas but all the herbal teas that I’ve tried have just tasted like hot water with an after taste of grass and whatever berry/flower flavour was supposed to be incorporated. Until now. I was at Starbucks a few months ago and my sister convinced me to try the Youthberry tea instead of my regular cappuccino. I was so hesitant but loved it the moment I tried it. A few weeks later, my sister bought me the Youthberry and Pineapple Kona Pop for my birthday and, although I have been drinking them, I just started drinking them regularly recently and thought I’d share them with all of you. They are amazing! I love that I can actually taste the flavour of my tea and the colours are amazing which is an obvious plus. Haha. I mean, look at the colour of the Youthberry tea in this photo, it’s gorgeous. And the Pineapple Kona Pop tea tastes so sweet. Overall, ten out of ten for these teas. I don’t know if there are other people who have this same issue where they love the idea of herbal teas but the tastes always lets them down but if you do or if you are interested in finding new teas, I recommend these ones for sure. I find that I need a half a teaspoon of honey in my tea but I’n trying to wean myself off it because I don’t really need it but try these and tell me how you like them!


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