Summer Scents From Bath & Body Works


Bath & Body Works is probably one of my favourite stores although I don’t really have a good reason for claiming that. Maybe it’s the constant deals that are happening or the amazing smells or the bright colours in the store but something just draws me in. I was at Bath & Body a week or so ago and I had some creams that I wanted to get and decided to share some of my favourite scents with all of you! My absolute favourite right now is Hello Beautiful followed by French Lavender & HoneyEndless WeekendSea Island Cotton and Beautiful Day. These scents are kind of alike in the light fresh scent that they give off. These scents are not too overpowering which I think is perfect for summer when you just want a light scent.

I love floral scents most of all which is why French Lavender & Honey was a number one for me for a while until Bath & Body released a brand new scent, Hello Beautiful. I honestly fell in love at first sniff. This cream smells so delicate and I find that the scent stays longer than other products that I’ve tried. I find that even discovering these favourites in the store is hard enough because of the amount of scents you have to go through (I mean, you can’t walk in the store and not smell almost every single one!) and I feel like there are some great products that I’m missing. So let me know in the comments which ones are your favourites or what I should be looking out for!