Wicked Lovely Series


Wicked Lovely (Series): Melissa Marr

(*Note: The last book Darkest Mercy is missing from the picture because I borrowed it from the library when I read it years ago and never purchased it.)

I don’t know if anyone knows of these books or remembers them but I know that these books were a big hit when the first book of the series, Wicked Lovely, was first published in 2008. I don’t remember when I picked up these books but when I did I was hooked! I think I’ve said before that I’m a huge fan of the supernatural/fantasy genre and as a kid and teen I was all over that genre because of Harry Potter. I love these books so much because it is honestly like a modern fairy tale. The first book had me hooked and it is really good at explaining the whole premise of this hidden world. The idea of Wicked Lovely (book 1), is that this girl Aislinn, wants to be a normal teen but she can see these creatures that no one else can and she is taught that they are dangerous and they no one should, if they have the Sight, make any contact with these creatures. Well, as most of us know, in all story books someone has to break the #1 rule! So a faery by the name of Keenan realizes that a human has the ability to see him and they begin a journey together to see if Aislinn has what it takes to be the Queen of the Summer Faery Court. And that is just the first book; the rest just get more and more amazing. Haha. As the other books go on readers get to see more of this interesting and fantastic world that Marr has created with the faeries and their Courts.

One thing that I really like about this series is that the story in this world continues but each book is focused on a different character each time. At first I found this disorienting but when I read the series over and over again (as I usually do), I understood where things left off and how they were progressing now. I highly recommend this series to any tween, teen or young adult who loves the supernatural/fantasy genre. It is really interesting how the author puts all these books together and to see how all the Faery Courts move and change throughout the series as well as the character development within each book as well. These books are great reads that I hope you like as much as I do!


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