My Makeup Support System


Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay 

Gimme Brow by Benefit

So I was at Sephora a while ago because a friend of mine recommended an eye priming product to me from a testing kit that she got with some points she’d saved up. In her set there were 4 different Urban Decay eye primers. One original, one glittery, one for anti-aging and one that was a nude matte. I had been using another product from Mac that is good and I love the sparkle of it but you know when you’re wearing makeup for too long or it’s hot, you’re sweating and you get that really attractive crease line in your eyelids? Most of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and if you don’t… well you are clearly the impressive .5% who doesn’t have issues. Haha. Just kidding but seriously, you’re lucky if you don’t know what I mean. Anyways, I was finding that Mac was good but that it kept giving me these gross lines in my eye crease! So, I tried this primer and I love it!! I have the Eden colour which is the natural/nude matte primer. It is a basic one but I like that it has a tint of nude to it so that when I put it on it can kind of hide imperfections and it give my eyeshadow a good smooth canvas to be on. I find that whether I wear this with eyeshadow or not it always looks good no matter how hot it gets or how long I’ve been wearing my makeup.

Okay the next product that I got, Gimme Brow by Benefit was a big one and one that I was the most excited about because I have been looking for a good product like this for SO LONG. Here’s a tiny backstory; I have really thin hair and really sparse eyebrows as a result. I’m not alone in my family with this issue, my mum and sister also have the same problem but my brother and dad have thicker hair and no issues with brow hair. Figures right? The two people who don’t care have it all!! WHY?? Not that my mum or sister are really into makeup but they still complain sometimes about how thin our eyebrow hair is. So don’t get this wrong: I do have eyebrow hair but it is sparse so when I pluck my eyebrows I have to make sure to not go too crazy otherwise I look like I have Spock eyebrows. So not attractive. I needed a product that would allow me to get thinner with my plucking but that wasn’t a pencil because I don’t have the time or the patience for drawing my brows in everyday. Haha.

I found this product after talking to a sales lady at Sephora and explaining my issue. She brought me over to the brow bar and tried a few products on me but this one is that one that I thought was easiest to use, the one that didn’t change the look of my brows and the one that had the best colour for me. I got the darkest shade of this product called, medium/deep. I love that this product is applied like mascara on your eyebrows. There is a little spoolie brush (you only need a little bit!), and you just swipe it going with the hairs on your eyebrow. It basically just darkens the hairs and makes them, in my case, so that you can see I actually have eyebrows. I don’t have the stress of drawing in my brows everyday and questioning, what if I get it wrong? And I can keep the natural shape of my brows, which I like, but just have my brows a little thinner. I love these products and I really recommend that you look our for them next time you’re out because I think these products are fantastic!


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