Kate Lipstick


Kate by Rimmel

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I was at the drugstore the other day and found this lipstick by Rimmel called Kate. If we’re being honest I was drawn to it because I liked the colour of the bottle and the fact that there was a heart on the lid… what can I say? I don’t wear lipstick very often but I want to get into it a bit more and this was on sale so I thought, why not give it a try? I got the shade, Kiss of life which is a really nice, bright red colour. I love the shade that I got but it’s really bright and wearing it on an every day basis is hard because my everyday style conflicts with this shade so that’s on me for not thinking that one through. Haha. I do like this lipstick but I find that it wears off after a few hours and where your lips stay naturally wet, if you get any lipstick in that area I get a crusty line of lipstick which I don’t find attractive. That being said, I’m finding this lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips at all which is nice but there’s probably better lipsticks out there for longer coverage but for a higher price than this one. I’d say this is a decent lipstick considering it’s from the drugstore but you have to be willing to touch it up every few hours or so and keep checking that it’s not bunching on your lips to create that heavy line of lipstick.


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