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Hi everyone!  So I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was talking about how her skin as a lot of issues with it in terms of oiliness, dryness, prone to acne and whatever else and she know her problems come from her constant, heavy use of makeup but it makes her feel good to wear makeup up so it’s hard for her to stop. Well this got me thinking. I’m sure many people agree that they love to wear makeup because it is a confidence booster and it makes them feel good about themselves but I also think it is just as important to make your skin feel good so you can help prevent issues before they start or manage any issues you have properly. Above are three products that I love and use often. The first is a scrub from St. Ives that is a Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange scrub. I love the smell of this scrub and how good it is at exfoliating my skin and taking off all those dead cells. I don’t use this everyday, maybe once a week because I find that my skin will get a bit dry if I use this too often but I really like the feeling of my skin afterwards. Just make sure if you do get this product to use a good moisturizer after because you skin could get a bit dry or irritated from the harshness of the sandy bits in this product.

The next product that I’m in love with is Nivea‘s Express Hydration cream. I love cream to begin with (see my post on Bath & Body Works  for what I’m into this summer) but this cream is especially nice because it is made for normal to dry skin. During the winter, and I’m sure this happens to a lot of us, I get really dry skin just from the cold dry air of winter. I love that this cream is light and not greasy and it makes my skin feel really good after I use it! You can get this cream for different skin types like if you have sensitive skin or if you want a hydrating cream for you skin or whatever which is nice to have those options with such a good brand of cream. I think it is anyways! Haha.

The Bioré strips I found ages ago because I wanted a solution to help get all the oil and dirt out of my pores. This product is amazing at getting out all the dirt that is in your pores, you can’t use it everyday, I think the package actually says to use 3 days apart if you need or want to use it that often, but I find that though they are amazing they do dry out my skin a lot. I would recommend trying these out for that intense deep clean feel because I find it’s difficult to not build up some dirt and oil in your pores even if you wash your face everyday and treat you skin well. These products are just some that I love to use to help out my skin but if you have any that you love or think I should try let me know in the comments!


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