Eau De Parfum


Xo, Victoria by Victoria’s Secret

Pure Cali by Hollister

Happy Sunday!! Hopefully you’ve had an amazing weekend so far. I wanted to share this post with you because recently (well a year ago but who’s counting?) I was wearing this great perfume by Aeropostale that had everything. A cute bottle, great scent and best of all, it was around $15 CAD!! How great is that?? Apparently it was too good to be true. I wore this fragrance for years until it went out of production when the store was doing a huge overhaul to revamp all their products and this perfume didn’t make the cut. I won’t even being to tell you how much my world turned upside down at this new development. I was stuck with only a few spritz left in the bottle and no new perfume! It was quite the dilemma, let me tell you. Haha. Anyways, I was looking for months to find a fragrance that had a nice scent, a cute bottle and that was not too expensive. I came across these two beauties not too long ago and they are perfect!

Xo, Victoria has a pretty bottle and a really nice floral scent. It said on the card in the store that it has notes of Victorian Rose and English Ivy but apparently my nose is not good enough to sniff those out so I’ll have to take their word for it! I just love that it’s a light scent but it smells mature… I mean, if a child was wearing this you might give a bit of a raised eyebrow but if a young adult and up were wearing it, there would be nods of approval all around, do you get what I mean? Yes? Maybe? Alright, let’s just move on. The only thing is that for my little rollerball perfume bottle here, the price is $24.50 CAD. Kind of pricey for what you get but I just use it on occasion so I don’t waste it all in one go.

The Hollister perfume, So Cali, is also a floral scented perfume that has an even lighter scent than the VS perfume so I find it’s a nice one to use as a daily perfume. I love the cute bottle and price, $27 CAD I find is reasonable for the size of bottle I purchased. I love these perfumes and if you’re looking for a new floral scented fragrance and a reasonable cost I don’t think you can go wrong either of these scents. They also can go on sale around special holidays so if you are looking to buy these, I typically wait until they are marked down a bit.

Also, just a little side note here, how cute is my sparkly owl ornament?? I got him from Pier 1 and I’m in love with him. I just have him propped up in my bookcase as a decoration instead of a holiday ornament but isn’t he cute? 🙂


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