Can You Keep A Secret?


Can You Keep A Secret?: Sophie Kinsella

So this post I wanted to talk about one of my favourite books which is Can You Keep A Secret. I don’t know how well known this book is but I think it’s fantastic. Every time I read this book (yes, I have reread it. It’s that good!) I find myself grinning like an idiot and laughing uncontrollably. The way Kinsella writes this novel is really well done. She’s managed to get all the comedy across to the reader and you can’t help it but to imagine the setting and what that would be like if it happened in real life. I think what makes her humor so effective is that she brings situations that could happen in real life. We all have those moments where we don’t know what to say in an important meeting, or when we’re just trying to fake it through a presentation or whatever the case may be, but Kinsella is able to bring us the humor through those classic situations.

This book is about Emma Corrigan who has many secrets that she would rather die before spilling to anyone. Even her best friend Lizzie. So it becomes a bit inconvenient when Emma is in a situation where she thinks she going to die and spills all her deep secrets about her boyfriend, and her embarrassing dream about her best friend to a stranger on a plane. But she never expected that that stranger who now knows everything about her, would be the head CEO of the company she works for! This is a hilarious book that I really recommend for any one. It’s an adult fiction book so there is a bit of swearing and a few sexual references but overall it’s just a great light, funny book that you can pick up and read on a weekend.


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