Pomegranate Lavender Green Tea


Hi everyone! Wow I am so sorry! It’s been ages since I last posted. Truth is, I have had a lot going on that’s gotten in the way of me putting anything up. I have had appointments, interviews and I even landed a seasonal job for the winter holidays that’s in retail so if any of you have ever worked in that industry, you know that the hours are crazy and unpredictable! I’m trying to keep up with it all but having never been in retail before it’s a bit overwhelming! Haha. If you guys have any tips for how I can make it easier please let me know- I can use all the help I can get.

Anyways, I have a little back story for you before I tell you all about this tea… I don’t know if you like my little back stories or not but I’ll keep adding them until someone tells me to stop! Okay so my sister, (who is a few years younger than me but that’s really not important so I don’t know why I added it) always had really sensitive and bumpy skin. It was almost like her skin was dry and cold to create the bumps but that was never the case. Her best friend at school also had something similar on her legs and they were doing some research and found some convincing evidence that they both might have an intolerance to gluten. Just for the record, this research was not backed up by a doctor; it was all self diagnosed. Haha. And they can have some gluten but they have decided to create and stick to a diet that basically omits gluten unless they want a beer or over the holidays there are so many baked goods that they decided holidays are when they will break their strict no gluten streak and have a dessert.

So I was visiting my sister at her school and I decided to bring up some brownies that were gluten free. I was really chuffed that I was being so considerate to this new diet before I realized that my all-purpose flour was not gluten free and that I had to go on the hunt for almond flour, brown rice flour, flaxseed and arrowroot powder. I mean, where is this stuff?? So my mum made a good suggestion of going to the Bulk Barn; for those who don’t know, it’s basically a place where you can buy all kinds of different products at a crazy low price from what you’d find at the grocery store. So I was there shopping away like I do and I noticed the tea section where there is a huge collection of loose teas and I decided to pick up a few and one of them was the Pomegranate Lavender Green Tea. I love pomegranate, I want to love green tea and I love the smell of lavender. Can you see how this is a nice little recipe for disaster? Yep. The smell was incredible but the taste… personally, it just wasn’t for me. I think I might need to add more tea to my infuser and let it sit longer so it gets a bit stronger or… ugh, I don’t even know but I was back to that hot water, grass and hint of flavour!

But it’s okay. We’ll get it next time! Let me know if there are any teas that you absolutely love!