When Breath Becomes Air


When Breath Becomes Air: Paul Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air is an extremely moving memoir of a man who has always been intrigued with the idea of death but, at the age of 40, is forced to suddenly come face-to-face with death when he is diagnosed with lung cancer. What is so interesting about this book is that the author is a neurosurgeon so he writes on the topic of death as a physician and a patient. This book about his very personal path of dealing and coming to terms with his own mortality and his looming death, but he does write as a loose guide to everyone about how this experience was for him but allows for the realistic possibility that the path to death will differ for everyone. I thought this book was fantastic as it was heartbreaking.

The author explores a concept in the book that I loved which was, death is something that is inevitable for everyone. For those who are young, death is something that seems so far away that we don’t concern ourselves with it; for those who are older, it is something that seems more pressing, or something that is considered so your assets and dependents can be sorted and documented, that they can be safe when you pass. The author was at the height of his career with a loving wife and a future they had planned out together when he made his own diagnoses. The feelings that the author takes the readers through when he confirmed that devastating discovery is so real and I found that this book does make you think a little more about death. While I am young, that does not make me exempt from death. Today, tomorrow, a week from now or years from now, anything could happen to me that will put my perceived future, as I know it, into question. This book makes you think about big questions that I know some people don’t like to consider that that is totally fine. I loved this book, I thought it was so well written and so vulnerable; I was gripped until the very end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone especially those like me who love reading and talking about those big questions.


Rimmel Mascara


Accelerator Endless Mascara by Rimmel

Hello everyone and happy December! I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post that I’ve done but basically, I don’t really spend too much money on makeup. This is partly because I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyways so when I need to replace anything it’s not a huge haul that I’m doing and also because the things that I run out of the fastest (my mascara) are things that I’m not particular on that can be found at the drugstore. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup– I love that I can wear it casually and for a more dressed up occasion but I have never been interested in wearing a ton of makeup. Well that and my skin can be sensitive so covering it with foundation all day, everyday would irritate it and probably make me break out or something. I love the look of foundation on some people when it’s done well but I honestly do not have the patience for that!!

So when I finally made it out to hunt down some more mascara I was only really concerned with two things. One, that the tube came in black or ‘blackest black’ (by the way, what does that even mean??). And second, that the brush would be straight. I don’t know if anyone else has a thing about this or if you’re particular about something else when getting your makeup but for me, if a brush is curved or spiralled or doing something weird I always seem to poke myself in the eye with it. Honestly, I bought mascara that had a bended brush that was supposed to hug the shape of your lashes but everyday I ended up poking myself in the eye. It was so annoying! I went to school with bloodshot eyes for a week before I threw it out and bought something else. So that’s me… alright, moving on. I liked the look of the mascara when it dried; my eyelashes looked really long and they kind of fanned out nicely but I found that the product was unusually wet or something. I would swipe it on and look down to see what I was doing and every time I blinked or looked down there were black specks all over the tops of my cheeks.

Now I do realize that there could have been a few reasons why this happened; I could have put too much on and it was excess flicking off. Or I blink too vigorously and should calm down. Or I have extremely long eyelashes, in which case good on me. I hope if anything it’s the last suggestion but I still feel cautious when I use this mascara and when I’m getting ready in a rush. It’s not fun having to be careful of how intensely you blink or stopping by the mirror to wipe all the black specks off your face before you leave the house. Now that being said, it doesn’t take ages to dry, just a minute or two but still, that can be annoying. Overall, the finished product looked really good. I tried using this product with just one coat and it still had nice results. Personally, I usually do two coats to give more volume to my eyelashes but the mascara held up nice and doesn’t smug throughout the day but the application is a little shady to me. I would recommend this product with a slight warning to all but, it also could’ve just been me!!