Toronto Christmas Market


Hello everyone! I hope you all had happy and safe holidays and a happy New Year!! I have to say that I do love the holiday season when I’m doing fun things with friends and family but buying people gifts is so stressful!! This holiday season my family decided to go to the Distillery District in Toronto to look around and go on a brewery tour. I live just outside of Toronto so heading into the city is not a big deal as it takes no time at all to get there. Now, for those who don’t know what the Distillery District is in Toronto, it is this really neat place that has cobblestone streets, cute store fronts and no cars allowed so during the holiday season… or any season really, it is a huge attraction. I took some photos of the cool buildings at the centre square with the main clock as well as the green door that I passed that really shows the kind of scheme that you’ll find in this really neat place. For the holiday season it is even more impressive and special with this huge tree that is in the centre of the district that is all done up for Christmas. You can kind of see it behind the clock in the photo there. There are these little hut/shed/storefronts that are all along the road that sell things fitting the holiday season too. Things like mulled wine, hot chocolate, tea and cute useless knick knacks! If you are in Toronto or are going to visit, I would look this place up even if it’s not for the winter season. I’ve been in the summer months as well and it’s still just as beautiful then as it is in the winter.

Now, as I’ve said, this market is in the Distillery District so it only felt right that when my family showed up, that we go to the Mill St Brewery for a tour of the facility and a beer tasting. All my siblings and I are of age in Canada and the family has been talking about going to some wine and beer tastings in the future so this day trip seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was so much fun!! Even if you’re not a beer drinker, learning about the history of the Distillery District was really cool and understanding how beer is made is so neat to learn. After we had our little history lesson with the guide, we then got to go and try out four different beers that were made in the building. All of them were different with the level of hops or percentage of alcohol and all were amazing!


Here is a photo of what the flight of beer looked like that we got. Everyone got to try the same beers on their own paddle and before each taste, the guide would tell us a little bit about the beer. Even if you’re not a huge beer drinker it was a really fun thing to do with the family, especially to cap off a great day in an amazing part of the city. I hope you had a cool or special moment with your friends and family this holiday season, it always seems important to keep up those relationships and do something different to keep your bond strong.


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