My Lush Spa Day


You’ve Been Mangoed, Brightside, Mask of Magnaminty, Love and Light (From left to right)

Hey everyone! I hope you are having an awesome day so far! I needlessly went into Lush the other day just to poke around and see what kind of products they had. Now, I have been into Lush countless times but I have to admit, I only ever went for the Bath Bombs… don’t ask me why, I never make any sense. Haha. So as I was trying to get over the initial smell overload from lush, blinking away tears from the smell strength in the store (if you’ve ever been into a Lush store, you’ll know what I mean), this sales woman came up to me and started chatting up the products. I ended up walking out with a Bath Melt, Bubble Bar and two samples; one of a face mask and a hand cream.

So, that night I made it a little spa night with all my brand new products that I had just came home with. I got my Bubble Bar going and I loved the citrus smell and the bright orange that it made the bath water was a little weird and very cool. What I really liked was that the water stayed orange, you know with some of the Bath Bombs there is a really colourful presentation and then the water is grey? This just stayed orange which was a huge plus. It made me feel cleaner. I also love that I only needed to use half the bar so I have enough left for a second bath! Huge bonus!! Overall I would give this product a 10/10. The bubbles were amazing, the colour stayed bright, and the smell was amazing.

During this bath I also put in the Bath Melt. This product is supposed to contain oils that dissolve in your bath to hydrate your skin. I paired the Mango Melt with the Citrus Bar because I thought the two scents really complemented each other. My bath was not overly oily but while I could smell the citrus and mango from the melt when I held it up to my nose the Bar that I paired it with over took the scent of the melt so I don’t know how scented my bath would have been if I had just used the Melt on it’s own. Overall, this product gets a 10/10 from me. The bath felt really nice with the oils but it wasn’t a gross feeling and it dissolved fairly quickly so I didn’t have to deal with debris in my bath.

Next thing that I tried was the Mask of Magnaminty. This mask I had mixed feelings on. I loved the way it smelt at first with the strong scent of peppermint but after it was on my face, the smell changed to something I couldn’t identify but I didn’t really like the smell of. On the other hand, it felt nice on my skin and after the mask was dried and I took it off, my skin felt amazing but I didn’t know how I felt about the large chunks in my mask. I appreciate that Lush uses whole products unlike my dollar store facial masks but I was slightly put off by the chunky-ness of the mask. Overall this product gets a 7/10 from me. I liked it overall and I would consider buying it again but I was unsure about the texture of the product and the smell after the peppermint scent disappeared.

Last but not least was the Love and Light hand cream. This sample I was really excited for because I love creams and if I found one that was animal friendly then that would just be a bonus! Unfortunately I don’t think this is the cream for me. I loved that the consistency was light and more water than cream (I mean this in the best way possible). I prefer creams that are not heavy in cream and you have to pull at your skin to get the cream into your skin… I am NOT explaining this properly!! Hopefully you get my drift. I was not a fan of the smell. It was sharp and something about it I just had a hard time getting over. This product gets a 6/10 from me. I don’t think I would buy it again but I’ll finish the sample and if I was given this as a gift I would use it but I wouldn’t buy this for myself. I loved the feeling on my skin, it felt hydrated and soft but the smell really put me off and because of how not okay I found it, it was hard to convince myself to put more on.

Keep in mind these are just my opinions on these products, other people will probably feel completely different from me and that is totally okay! I love what Lush stands for and I’ll definitely have more Lush product reviews for you all in the future! Happy Saturday!


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