The Wonder


The Wonder: Emma Donoghue

Hello everyone! I have been gone for so long and I am so sorry!! I honestly have no excuse but I’m going to try to give you one anyways! I got busy with my jobs and trying to get some passport things figured out and life just got insane for a while. But I’m back and I’m ready to tell you about this novel.

So this book was big when it came out and I was finally able to get it from the library and I thought it had a really interesting concept and execution. So this is about a little eleven-year-old girl from Ireland who has allegedly been fasting for four months. Her story has reached the media and people want some kind of validity to this story that a person, let alone a little girl, is able to survive on nothing. For four months! So Lib, a nurse who studied under Florence Nightingale, is hired to keep watch over the girl along with a Nun to take on the alternative shifts.

This was such an interesting book in the way that the book was set up as a mystery and psychological thriller. I was interested from page one but I have to say that I didn’t get invested for a bit. The concept of this book was interesting for me that I kept pushing through the slow beginning but when the mystery really started getting serious of how was this little girl surviving?? I couldn’t put it down. I was also a huge fan of the characters too. I will say that I struggled with the intensity of the family’s religious beliefs because at some points in the story, the parents would butt heads with Lib but then again, that also kind of added to the mystery surrounding the little girl.

This is a book I would recommend to people but from some of the other reviews I have looked up, it seems like there are some who liked it and others who didn’t. It has a slow beginning and very strong religious beliefs that some might not like but I do think it helps to round out the novel and really make the truth even more shocking. This book in my library was found under Adult Fiction and I agree with this placement. This has some mature content that I don’t think would appropriate for a Young Adult audience unless they were mature enough to deal with content like that. Overall, I think that this is a solid read and on the whole, I loved the book.


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