My Lush Spa Day


You’ve Been Mangoed, Brightside, Mask of Magnaminty, Love and Light (From left to right)

Hey everyone! I hope you are having an awesome day so far! I needlessly went into Lush the other day just to poke around and see what kind of products they had. Now, I have been into Lush countless times but I have to admit, I only ever went for the Bath Bombs… don’t ask me why, I never make any sense. Haha. So as I was trying to get over the initial smell overload from lush, blinking away tears from the smell strength in the store (if you’ve ever been into a Lush store, you’ll know what I mean), this sales woman came up to me and started chatting up the products. I ended up walking out with a Bath Melt, Bubble Bar and two samples; one of a face mask and a hand cream.

So, that night I made it a little spa night with all my brand new products that I had just came home with. I got my Bubble Bar going and I loved the citrus smell and the bright orange that it made the bath water was a little weird and very cool. What I really liked was that the water stayed orange, you know with some of the Bath Bombs there is a really colourful presentation and then the water is grey? This just stayed orange which was a huge plus. It made me feel cleaner. I also love that I only needed to use half the bar so I have enough left for a second bath! Huge bonus!! Overall I would give this product a 10/10. The bubbles were amazing, the colour stayed bright, and the smell was amazing.

During this bath I also put in the Bath Melt. This product is supposed to contain oils that dissolve in your bath to hydrate your skin. I paired the Mango Melt with the Citrus Bar because I thought the two scents really complemented each other. My bath was not overly oily but while I could smell the citrus and mango from the melt when I held it up to my nose the Bar that I paired it with over took the scent of the melt so I don’t know how scented my bath would have been if I had just used the Melt on it’s own. Overall, this product gets a 10/10 from me. The bath felt really nice with the oils but it wasn’t a gross feeling and it dissolved fairly quickly so I didn’t have to deal with debris in my bath.

Next thing that I tried was the Mask of Magnaminty. This mask I had mixed feelings on. I loved the way it smelt at first with the strong scent of peppermint but after it was on my face, the smell changed to something I couldn’t identify but I didn’t really like the smell of. On the other hand, it felt nice on my skin and after the mask was dried and I took it off, my skin felt amazing but I didn’t know how I felt about the large chunks in my mask. I appreciate that Lush uses whole products unlike my dollar store facial masks but I was slightly put off by the chunky-ness of the mask. Overall this product gets a 7/10 from me. I liked it overall and I would consider buying it again but I was unsure about the texture of the product and the smell after the peppermint scent disappeared.

Last but not least was the Love and Light hand cream. This sample I was really excited for because I love creams and if I found one that was animal friendly then that would just be a bonus! Unfortunately I don’t think this is the cream for me. I loved that the consistency was light and more water than cream (I mean this in the best way possible). I prefer creams that are not heavy in cream and you have to pull at your skin to get the cream into your skin… I am NOT explaining this properly!! Hopefully you get my drift. I was not a fan of the smell. It was sharp and something about it I just had a hard time getting over. This product gets a 6/10 from me. I don’t think I would buy it again but I’ll finish the sample and if I was given this as a gift I would use it but I wouldn’t buy this for myself. I loved the feeling on my skin, it felt hydrated and soft but the smell really put me off and because of how not okay I found it, it was hard to convince myself to put more on.

Keep in mind these are just my opinions on these products, other people will probably feel completely different from me and that is totally okay! I love what Lush stands for and I’ll definitely have more Lush product reviews for you all in the future! Happy Saturday!


Rimmel Mascara


Accelerator Endless Mascara by Rimmel

Hello everyone and happy December! I think I’ve mentioned this in a previous post that I’ve done but basically, I don’t really spend too much money on makeup. This is partly because I don’t wear a lot of makeup anyways so when I need to replace anything it’s not a huge haul that I’m doing and also because the things that I run out of the fastest (my mascara) are things that I’m not particular on that can be found at the drugstore. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup– I love that I can wear it casually and for a more dressed up occasion but I have never been interested in wearing a ton of makeup. Well that and my skin can be sensitive so covering it with foundation all day, everyday would irritate it and probably make me break out or something. I love the look of foundation on some people when it’s done well but I honestly do not have the patience for that!!

So when I finally made it out to hunt down some more mascara I was only really concerned with two things. One, that the tube came in black or ‘blackest black’ (by the way, what does that even mean??). And second, that the brush would be straight. I don’t know if anyone else has a thing about this or if you’re particular about something else when getting your makeup but for me, if a brush is curved or spiralled or doing something weird I always seem to poke myself in the eye with it. Honestly, I bought mascara that had a bended brush that was supposed to hug the shape of your lashes but everyday I ended up poking myself in the eye. It was so annoying! I went to school with bloodshot eyes for a week before I threw it out and bought something else. So that’s me… alright, moving on. I liked the look of the mascara when it dried; my eyelashes looked really long and they kind of fanned out nicely but I found that the product was unusually wet or something. I would swipe it on and look down to see what I was doing and every time I blinked or looked down there were black specks all over the tops of my cheeks.

Now I do realize that there could have been a few reasons why this happened; I could have put too much on and it was excess flicking off. Or I blink too vigorously and should calm down. Or I have extremely long eyelashes, in which case good on me. I hope if anything it’s the last suggestion but I still feel cautious when I use this mascara and when I’m getting ready in a rush. It’s not fun having to be careful of how intensely you blink or stopping by the mirror to wipe all the black specks off your face before you leave the house. Now that being said, it doesn’t take ages to dry, just a minute or two but still, that can be annoying. Overall, the finished product looked really good. I tried using this product with just one coat and it still had nice results. Personally, I usually do two coats to give more volume to my eyelashes but the mascara held up nice and doesn’t smug throughout the day but the application is a little shady to me. I would recommend this product with a slight warning to all but, it also could’ve just been me!!

Eau De Parfum


Xo, Victoria by Victoria’s Secret

Pure Cali by Hollister

Happy Sunday!! Hopefully you’ve had an amazing weekend so far. I wanted to share this post with you because recently (well a year ago but who’s counting?) I was wearing this great perfume by Aeropostale that had everything. A cute bottle, great scent and best of all, it was around $15 CAD!! How great is that?? Apparently it was too good to be true. I wore this fragrance for years until it went out of production when the store was doing a huge overhaul to revamp all their products and this perfume didn’t make the cut. I won’t even being to tell you how much my world turned upside down at this new development. I was stuck with only a few spritz left in the bottle and no new perfume! It was quite the dilemma, let me tell you. Haha. Anyways, I was looking for months to find a fragrance that had a nice scent, a cute bottle and that was not too expensive. I came across these two beauties not too long ago and they are perfect!

Xo, Victoria has a pretty bottle and a really nice floral scent. It said on the card in the store that it has notes of Victorian Rose and English Ivy but apparently my nose is not good enough to sniff those out so I’ll have to take their word for it! I just love that it’s a light scent but it smells mature… I mean, if a child was wearing this you might give a bit of a raised eyebrow but if a young adult and up were wearing it, there would be nods of approval all around, do you get what I mean? Yes? Maybe? Alright, let’s just move on. The only thing is that for my little rollerball perfume bottle here, the price is $24.50 CAD. Kind of pricey for what you get but I just use it on occasion so I don’t waste it all in one go.

The Hollister perfume, So Cali, is also a floral scented perfume that has an even lighter scent than the VS perfume so I find it’s a nice one to use as a daily perfume. I love the cute bottle and price, $27 CAD I find is reasonable for the size of bottle I purchased. I love these perfumes and if you’re looking for a new floral scented fragrance and a reasonable cost I don’t think you can go wrong either of these scents. They also can go on sale around special holidays so if you are looking to buy these, I typically wait until they are marked down a bit.

Also, just a little side note here, how cute is my sparkly owl ornament?? I got him from Pier 1 and I’m in love with him. I just have him propped up in my bookcase as a decoration instead of a holiday ornament but isn’t he cute? 🙂

Back to Beauty Basics


Hi everyone!  So I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and she was talking about how her skin as a lot of issues with it in terms of oiliness, dryness, prone to acne and whatever else and she know her problems come from her constant, heavy use of makeup but it makes her feel good to wear makeup up so it’s hard for her to stop. Well this got me thinking. I’m sure many people agree that they love to wear makeup because it is a confidence booster and it makes them feel good about themselves but I also think it is just as important to make your skin feel good so you can help prevent issues before they start or manage any issues you have properly. Above are three products that I love and use often. The first is a scrub from St. Ives that is a Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange scrub. I love the smell of this scrub and how good it is at exfoliating my skin and taking off all those dead cells. I don’t use this everyday, maybe once a week because I find that my skin will get a bit dry if I use this too often but I really like the feeling of my skin afterwards. Just make sure if you do get this product to use a good moisturizer after because you skin could get a bit dry or irritated from the harshness of the sandy bits in this product.

The next product that I’m in love with is Nivea‘s Express Hydration cream. I love cream to begin with (see my post on Bath & Body Works  for what I’m into this summer) but this cream is especially nice because it is made for normal to dry skin. During the winter, and I’m sure this happens to a lot of us, I get really dry skin just from the cold dry air of winter. I love that this cream is light and not greasy and it makes my skin feel really good after I use it! You can get this cream for different skin types like if you have sensitive skin or if you want a hydrating cream for you skin or whatever which is nice to have those options with such a good brand of cream. I think it is anyways! Haha.

The Bioré strips I found ages ago because I wanted a solution to help get all the oil and dirt out of my pores. This product is amazing at getting out all the dirt that is in your pores, you can’t use it everyday, I think the package actually says to use 3 days apart if you need or want to use it that often, but I find that though they are amazing they do dry out my skin a lot. I would recommend trying these out for that intense deep clean feel because I find it’s difficult to not build up some dirt and oil in your pores even if you wash your face everyday and treat you skin well. These products are just some that I love to use to help out my skin but if you have any that you love or think I should try let me know in the comments!

Kate Lipstick


Kate by Rimmel

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I was at the drugstore the other day and found this lipstick by Rimmel called Kate. If we’re being honest I was drawn to it because I liked the colour of the bottle and the fact that there was a heart on the lid… what can I say? I don’t wear lipstick very often but I want to get into it a bit more and this was on sale so I thought, why not give it a try? I got the shade, Kiss of life which is a really nice, bright red colour. I love the shade that I got but it’s really bright and wearing it on an every day basis is hard because my everyday style conflicts with this shade so that’s on me for not thinking that one through. Haha. I do like this lipstick but I find that it wears off after a few hours and where your lips stay naturally wet, if you get any lipstick in that area I get a crusty line of lipstick which I don’t find attractive. That being said, I’m finding this lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips at all which is nice but there’s probably better lipsticks out there for longer coverage but for a higher price than this one. I’d say this is a decent lipstick considering it’s from the drugstore but you have to be willing to touch it up every few hours or so and keep checking that it’s not bunching on your lips to create that heavy line of lipstick.

My Makeup Support System


Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay 

Gimme Brow by Benefit

So I was at Sephora a while ago because a friend of mine recommended an eye priming product to me from a testing kit that she got with some points she’d saved up. In her set there were 4 different Urban Decay eye primers. One original, one glittery, one for anti-aging and one that was a nude matte. I had been using another product from Mac that is good and I love the sparkle of it but you know when you’re wearing makeup for too long or it’s hot, you’re sweating and you get that really attractive crease line in your eyelids? Most of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about and if you don’t… well you are clearly the impressive .5% who doesn’t have issues. Haha. Just kidding but seriously, you’re lucky if you don’t know what I mean. Anyways, I was finding that Mac was good but that it kept giving me these gross lines in my eye crease! So, I tried this primer and I love it!! I have the Eden colour which is the natural/nude matte primer. It is a basic one but I like that it has a tint of nude to it so that when I put it on it can kind of hide imperfections and it give my eyeshadow a good smooth canvas to be on. I find that whether I wear this with eyeshadow or not it always looks good no matter how hot it gets or how long I’ve been wearing my makeup.

Okay the next product that I got, Gimme Brow by Benefit was a big one and one that I was the most excited about because I have been looking for a good product like this for SO LONG. Here’s a tiny backstory; I have really thin hair and really sparse eyebrows as a result. I’m not alone in my family with this issue, my mum and sister also have the same problem but my brother and dad have thicker hair and no issues with brow hair. Figures right? The two people who don’t care have it all!! WHY?? Not that my mum or sister are really into makeup but they still complain sometimes about how thin our eyebrow hair is. So don’t get this wrong: I do have eyebrow hair but it is sparse so when I pluck my eyebrows I have to make sure to not go too crazy otherwise I look like I have Spock eyebrows. So not attractive. I needed a product that would allow me to get thinner with my plucking but that wasn’t a pencil because I don’t have the time or the patience for drawing my brows in everyday. Haha.

I found this product after talking to a sales lady at Sephora and explaining my issue. She brought me over to the brow bar and tried a few products on me but this one is that one that I thought was easiest to use, the one that didn’t change the look of my brows and the one that had the best colour for me. I got the darkest shade of this product called, medium/deep. I love that this product is applied like mascara on your eyebrows. There is a little spoolie brush (you only need a little bit!), and you just swipe it going with the hairs on your eyebrow. It basically just darkens the hairs and makes them, in my case, so that you can see I actually have eyebrows. I don’t have the stress of drawing in my brows everyday and questioning, what if I get it wrong? And I can keep the natural shape of my brows, which I like, but just have my brows a little thinner. I love these products and I really recommend that you look our for them next time you’re out because I think these products are fantastic!

Summer Scents From Bath & Body Works


Bath & Body Works is probably one of my favourite stores although I don’t really have a good reason for claiming that. Maybe it’s the constant deals that are happening or the amazing smells or the bright colours in the store but something just draws me in. I was at Bath & Body a week or so ago and I had some creams that I wanted to get and decided to share some of my favourite scents with all of you! My absolute favourite right now is Hello Beautiful followed by French Lavender & HoneyEndless WeekendSea Island Cotton and Beautiful Day. These scents are kind of alike in the light fresh scent that they give off. These scents are not too overpowering which I think is perfect for summer when you just want a light scent.

I love floral scents most of all which is why French Lavender & Honey was a number one for me for a while until Bath & Body released a brand new scent, Hello Beautiful. I honestly fell in love at first sniff. This cream smells so delicate and I find that the scent stays longer than other products that I’ve tried. I find that even discovering these favourites in the store is hard enough because of the amount of scents you have to go through (I mean, you can’t walk in the store and not smell almost every single one!) and I feel like there are some great products that I’m missing. So let me know in the comments which ones are your favourites or what I should be looking out for!